1000 & 1

Kiev (Ukraine)

In collaboration with Sasha Kurmaz
SPACES: Architecture of Common festival.

Tactile feel of the city, redefining public spaces and urban planning critic ideas.

Dimensions variable
Appropriated banners, found carpet, advertisement objects, rope, lock, system for shower.
    List of some interventions:
  • In 'Peyzazhnaya' allee we found children playground, which has borders and closed for entrance. We added one more lock and gave keys to raven in yard.
  • In the street we found 2 carpets, which we used for advertisment's places.
  • We cuted advertisment's banner for make a flag, which posted near of police (text on flag: 'We don't sell').
  • We created connection between two swings for sweet couple.
  • We altered public well-room for shower
  • In the empty advertisment's place we posted part of cuted advertisment's banner.
  • Slipknot text was buffed and we posted speakerphone with Slipknot music.

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