Chat in the Elevator


Elevator is not just a means of transportation, but also the space chamber 'fast' dialogue. They easily meet the neighbors and share with him two-three sentences. Confined space without your knowledge for a moment leaves you alone with a stranger (or unfamiliar) person, forcing at least a minimal communication.
     The space elevator becomes public when it're with someone, but it takes a special character, if you remain alone. Here you begin to feel more isolated, almost like a home, look in the mirror, causing himself up, straightened up before exiting. And this isolation raises the desire to speak anonymously, say hello to the neighbors, the government, a friend or friends who live on another floor.
Similar, often two-way exchange of anonymous messages in great demand, but marginal in nature. Its illegality, not appealing to the civilized inhabitants of the house.
     So the idea of conditional legalization of anonymous communication space by placing a marker board in the elevator, giving everyone the opportunity for anonymous communication. Leaving the dichotomy between legal and not legal in the background, the priority function of the object remains communicate residents of the house and the establishment of social ties between them.