Delai Sam / Delai Film


'Urban Art/Artivism' section on non-official Conference and Film festival
Zil Cultural Center, Flacon Design Factory

It all began in the fall of 2010, when several eco-activists got together to organize activities as part of the Global Day of Action 10/10/10 in Moscow. Global Day of Action challenges people around the world to lessen their negative impact on nature and the environment. In addition to activities like cleaning up parks and organizing a bike rally, we issued a manifesto – Moscow 2020 – which outlined an alternative development plan for Moscow. Several artists, environmentalists, architects and others collaborated on this collective vision for the future of the city, pledging to create it with their own hands.
A decision was made to organize the activities that took place on October 10th 2010 every six months, to realize Moscow 2020's vision for the future of the city. Within 6 months the first series of activities as part of Delai Sam or Do It Yourself – initially called Local Fest – were organized.
     Today Festival has two formats: non-official Conference/Summit (spring) and documentary film festival (autumn).

    Main categories of festival:
  • Self-organizing/DIY
  • Urbanism
  • Street Art/Artivism
  • Advocacy
  • Communities

On festival we have: lectures, workshops and screenings from activists and artists around the world.

Participants: The Wa (Berlin), Veli & Amos (Zurich/Maribor), Vladimir Turner (Prague), Alain Bieber (Dusseldorf), Jason Eppink (NY), Brad Downey (Berlin), Artur van Balen (Berlin), Sasha Kurmaz (Kiev), Tima Radya (Ekaterinburg).

Screenings: INSITU (France), Vigilante Vigilante: The Battle for expression (USA), Pasha 183 (Russia), Never look a gift horse in the mouth (Russia), Art War (Germany), Style Wars 2 (Switzerland), Who is Bozo Texino? (USA), Pixadores (Finland), It's quite good being crazy (France), Rebellious city (Netherlands)