Street comments


Staying in the city and observing the objects of street environment, I constantly feel that I need to reply. I express these statements in the form of artistic cliches, trying to adjust the imagination of the spectator. There appears a visualization with help of words, not forms, so that the spectators get the ability to create this image by themselves. Remarks may be associated with the texture of the surface or iniquity of the city object, giving additional clues or hints to the viewer.
Originality of Idea
the Pattern
Imaginary Reality
Typical gamma of colors
Unexpected twist
Image of Consumer product
Optical illusion
Explicit lyrics
Geometric Figure
Paradoxical combination of forms
Image of Advertising
Text of warning character
Text of Advertising character
Without a fine sense of composition
Painting wit apple
Repeated geometric forms
Text in graffiti-style
Word from the 3 letters
Radical message for Goverment
Declaration of Love
Restored text