Street pixel paintings

Moscow / St. Petersburg / Krasnodar

In the epoch of endless quoting the artists create their images by combination of traditions and associations, using the most advanced media means. The total computerization opens a great field for creativity and allows to achieve the new aesthetic qualities in art. I worked with such new media categories, creating on the wall hypertrophied pixel characters from 8-bit computer games. I had positions as 'draftsman' and my art — as 'plotting on walls'. The even ideally pixel images show the straightforwardness of character. Each work, thus, becomes kind of a mirror reflecting internal condition of my at the moment of creation. My constructive images based on connection of rectangular geometrical forms and it generates original plastic handwriting, adjusting the spectator on meditative contemplation.
     For the adequate recognition of the image is stipulated the optimum distance for viewing. From the certain distance (30—50 m.) pixels merge in one line, but from other distance of it might not happen...