Switchie / Switchie

Moscow / Marietta (USA)

In collaboration with Brad Downey

December 7, 2013 Moscow-based artist Igor Ponosov folded into a large blue pack various objects he found on the streets of Moscow:

  • an anti-parking delineator
  • a brick
  • a fire extinguisher
  • a “Coca-Cola” brand banner
  • a banner with graffiti
  • two house signs
  • a bus schedule
  • a mesh from a phone booth
  • ornaments from a street Christmas tree
and went to the post office. The post-office employee refused to accept the fire extinguisher and forced the artist to take it out.
Then he weighed the parcel, handed Ponosov a bill for 5120 roubles and finally sent the package to its destination.
     Twenty days later, on the other side of a planet in the residential area of the city of Marietta, Georgia, USA, American artist Brad Downey received an old bag, wrapped in tape with “souvenirs” from Russia and unpacked it in the lobby of his parent’s house (where he travels for Christmas every year from Berlin). A few days later he went to inspect the neighbourhood in search of the US analogs for received objects, with an eye to replace them.
Text by Veronika Komarova
(part of the book).

Full documentation of the project presented in the book.

14,8 х 21 cm., 204 pages.
Published by Possible books
Full digital color, hard cover, language: Russian/English.

27 euro
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Dimensions variable
Appropriated urban objects.