Velo Vyksa:
Free bike sharing

Vyksa (Russia)

In collaboration with Make
ART OVRAG public-art festival

Using the money set aside to create a public art objects, we bought 8 bikes with baskets, painted them, and added bike locks. We made two bike parking stations with a description and map of the city, which were placed with the project partners — in a cafe and at a hotel. This became the second in Russia (after Moscow) project about bicycle sharing and public system of bike rentals in a city.
     To use the free bicycle, people (or public art 'viewers') had to go to the cafe or hotel, show proof of registration (online) and take a key with the number of the bike. Afterwards they had to return the bike to one of the base stations and give the key back.
     We also created a website with a description of the project and a database to view the availability of bikes and a map of the city showing interesting places and public art objects. Here, anyone could see the names and numbers of bicycles; and those who could not or did not want to return the bike. The whole system is based on trust and understanding that bicycles and bike sharing systems, like the city itself, belong to its people.