Partizaning is a movement, a collective, and a website. We document examples of art-based activism, interventions, and urban replanning from around the world. We believe that increasingly shared sociopolitical realities and dissatisfaction can be strategically addressed using art-based ‘partizaning’ tactics.

Our aim is to explore the role of art as a practical tool for inclusive city regeneration and social activism. It evolves out of the cultural, political and social crisis facing contemporary Russia. We provide documentation and analysis of the role of art in reshaping public spaces, cities and human interactions – globally.

The website in Russian was launched in November 2011. Apart from running the website, we collectively organize projects, events, and publish an occassional bulletin. 

In collaboration with Make, Sonia Polskaya, Shriya Malhotra and Dmitro Zaietc. Works of Partizaning collective have been represented on Х Architecture Biennial in Sao-Paolo (2013), Guggenheim museum in New York (Participatory City: 100 Urban Trends, 2013) and in the ZKM (global aCtIVISm, Karlsruhe, 2014). A personal shows of Partizaning collective have been organized in Moscow (2012) and Krakow (2018). More about Partizaning here: partizaning.org

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