Krakow (Poland)
Exhibition in the Nosna gallery

Members of the Partizaning movement (Igor Ponosov, Make, Sonya Polskaya, Shriya Malhotra, Dmytro Zaietc) operate on the principle of socially engaged public interventions, through which they change the urban space, disrupt the mechanisms of its current functioning, mark their Right to the city.

Through their actions, within a few years, artists, sociologists and activists of Partizaning together with the residents of Moscow initiated stormy discussions on the development of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure of the city, organizing social space, creating civic centers and places where residents can implement their ideas. Currently, the word Partizaning is increasingly used as a common name, and the movement itself is a general Russian phenomenon that spontaneously spreads in many Russian cities from Zelenograd and Veliky Novgorod to Orenburg, Ufa and Novosibirsk.

On display of the exhibition was shown Partizaning’s urban interventions since 2011 till 2016.

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