The library is a unique selection of thematic publications focused on street art, graffiti and related disciplines such as architecture, urban planning and activism.

The uniqueness of the library in archive, which includes a collection of specially selected books, magazines, newspapers and small circulation publications (zines) with the aim of forming an understanding of how the global phenomenon of Urban Art emerged. Starting from the dialogues of Brassai with Picasso, the declaration of the avant-garde ideas and political manifestation of the French situationists, the reader is invited to plunge into the history of the formation of a new urban culture, initially based on a form of creative expression independent of any institutions.

The library fund is divided into 5 thematic sections: Theory and analysis of street art trends; Books and catalogs for exhibitions / festivals; Artists’ books / Monographs; Zines and magazines; Photobooks. Each of the sections contains dozens of publications, including both new and popular books and rare low-circulation publications — newspapers, zines, magazines. At the time of the launch of the library, the fund includes about 250 units of thematic publications — this collection is systematically replenished with both new catalogs and rare small-circulation editions.

Thanks for the pictures to Dania PRMK.

More details and catalogue of the Library are available on the Ruarts Foundation website:

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