The project on CCA Winzavod

The Wall project first appeared in 2009 in Art-Strelka cultural centre as an open exhibition ground, where works representing genres of graffiti and street art were displayed. The initial concept of the project worked out by Stepan Krasnov and Andrey Tseluyko (who are members of 310 group) implied the imitation of the so-called halls of fame (these are the illegal zones street artists may work in). Such areas, being empty and away from crowded streets, are often visited only by the insiders. Those unfamiliar with graffiti culture may have not even a vague idea of these special territories and come across them only when roaming along the streets…

The project was transferred to the territory of a Moscow Centre for Contemporary Art Winzavod, and this gave an opportunity to increase the number of the project’s goals. Staying away from pioneers of graffiti museumification and considering Contemporary Art Center started with a graffiti festival, the project offers an opportunity to discuss whether such projects may generally exist in official surroundings since any appropriation of graffiti seems to be a stillborn idea.

In other words, the Wall may be more than just an open exhibition ground. It is a kind of a debating-society, where internal and external problems of graffiti culture are made actual. Besides displaying separate works, artists and trends, every new exhibition should be an argument or a narration devoted to special cultural processes and practices of street art as well as to street art in general.

In collaboration with Kirill Kto and Andrey Tseluiko (Zeaner). All wall paintings and public program published on personal web-site.

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