Solo show at
Syntax Gallery

The “Participant Observation” project typifies Ponosov as a researcher of the urban environment, where his role is not limited to recording phenomena but extends to active participation in producing an alternative view of the city. This is reflected in the artist’s appropriation of urban objects, his rethinking of Moscow’s “construction aesthetics” through photography and bodily practices. This approach makes Ponosov a “participant observer”, a part of the everyday life he constructs, the fragments of which are displayed in the show at Syntax Gallery.

The show encompasses the results of the artist’s long-standing study comprising a series of observation photographs and artefacts removed from the urban environment, reprocessed into collages and objects.

Dimension variable. Appropriated vinyl textile (advertisement, false facades), metal rings, metal constructions, staples, nails, wood plates, acrylic paint, photo print, glue.

The link on the Syntax Gallery website:

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