In 2017 I was suffering from insomnia, which has persisted to this day. Based on meshed word combinations, usually comprising the artist’s name and surname, the city and year of making, in Russian or in English, these graphical interlacings generate odd images of the author’s dreams, an almost dance-like twisting of the body.

Drawing from his experiences in graffiti, where inscription of one’s name is the central thrust of the entire activity, Igor Ponosov uses language as the guide to construct his images. The practice that accompanies this series exists in the space between dreaming and waking, which produces a certain healing effect through submerging the author in a state of meditation and automatic writing — an intuitive borrowing from the surrealist practice of artistic exploration and conceptualization of dreams.

Size of drawings variable, size of the book: 21 x 30 cm, 124 pages. Digital print, Edition of 22

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