ISBN 978-5-00028-117-8  

The book describes the main directions and trends in the development of social engaged urban art since the early twentieth century to the present day. In Russian this book is the first researching, claiming to be a complete analysis of the global phenomenon of street art, which includes a global context the situation in Russia.

For the book author received The Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award 2016 for Best Text on Contemporary Art (St. Petersburg), in 2019 Igor Ponosov was nominated with the book again, to Kandinsky prize in Moscow.

170×240 mm., 208 pages., 1000 copies.
Language: Russian. 

The book available to read online on the Bookmate, also in Libraries: GARAGE Contemporary art museum (Moscow), MMOMA Education Center (Moscow), Ruarts Foundation (Moscow), Freie Universität (Berlin), UNI (Freiburg) and Van Pelt (Philadelphia).

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