Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia 
Exhibition in the Electromusem and Street-Art Museum

One of main idea of the exhibition is research of historical perspective of graffiti subculture through reflection of genre practices to contemporary media art. Examples of using new technologies and moving graffiti into virtual space, I touch upon the questions of how the subculture, originally born in New York in the 70s, is being modified today.

Mathieu Tremblin (France), Yamaguchi Takahiro (Japan), Filippo Minelli (Italy), Mirko Reisser / Daim (Germany), Brad Downey (USA), Tavar Zawacki / Above (USA), Heath Bunting (UK), John Fekner (USA), Sasha Kurmaz (Ukraine), Pasha 183 (Russia), Kirill KTO (Russia), Stas Dobry (Russia), MVIN (Spain), Veli Silver & Amos Angeles (Swiss), 0331C (Russia), Tod Seelie (USA), VladyArt (Italy), Henry Chalfant (USA) and others.

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