The Diomede Islands

As the Dance ends

Fence mapping

Steel sunset

Imagined Journey

Interlacing of Dreams

A Public Library in the Ruarts Foundation

Art and the City, 2nd edition

Participant Observation

Cutting the Walls, show

Cutting the Walls, book

Books edited by me

I was getting stuck in fake architecture

Few steps for being better

Behind the fence

The city’s body

Russian Urban Art: History and Conflicts

Is It Dangerous To Take A Shower During A Thunderstorm?


Catch Me If You Can

Piece of cake

Lost in cabbage

Between walls

Partizaning: Partycypacyjne (re)planowanie miasta

Graffiti in the Internet age

New Urban Reality

Too far, Too close

No Signal

Fragments of memory

Double game

Still together

Art and the city



The Thaw

Null path

Egyptian Treasures

Back to the front

The Workshop/ЦЕХ

Urban Exploration

Banner Ban


Cutting the walls, performance

If you really want, you can

The Tent

Delai Sam

Promo action


The Wall

Russian Street Art is dead

Red cube